About Me

  • Sports Conditioning Coach
  • Diplomas in Advanced Personal Training, Studio Instruction
  • Master Trainer of Group Exercise and Special Populations
  • ETM, Circuit Training Instructor
  • Kettlebell and Medicine Ball Instructor
  • Studio Cycling Instructor
  • Nutritional Advisor for Weight Loss
  • Nutritional Advisor for Sport


If you’ve come here, you’re thinking and getting fit and lean. If you’re wondering if I’m the person to follow, let me tell you what I do and how.

I condition people for sport. This means taking a big look at how they live, how they move, how they eat, and putting together an exercise regime geared towards making them a better athlete. This may involve making the athlete drop weight so that he’s lighter for the event, it may mean putting layers of muscle around a rugby player’s low back and shoulders to prepare him against injury during the season.

I look at the most advanced and scientific methods being employed by sports and military organisations and extract the information required to apply that to my athletes so that they get outrageous results.

The fact is that I have the knowledge to change your physical makeup from top to toe. To achieve the results requires commitment and effort from you, sure, but whether you need to drop ten pounds in three weeks or build lung capacity I can show you the quickest method that will apply for you.

I hope to see you soon