Gut Flora For Weight Loss

Often I have trouble getting things through to people, getting them to take ideas on board and use them to make their health and fitness improve. These ideas go against the grain of “common knowledge” and are regarded with skepticism (to put it mildly).

One such issue I always have a problem getting over is the taking in of enough fats, and that saturated fat isn’t bad (look at stearic acid, for one) and how they are actually essential to the fat burning process.

Another sticking point tends to be bacteria. Fortunately thanks to products like Actimel and Yakult and so on the notion of “good” bacteria is already in most people’s heads. I’m actually against these products on certain levels, but will always thank them for getting this point across.

Without adequate gut flora, you will not properly digest food, and that generally leads to weight gain and the starvation response (your body refuses to burn fat).

How’s about this idea: you don’t digest food – you digest bacteria poo.

Think about that for a minute.

If it puts your mind at ease, the above statement is not, technically, in every respect, absolutely true. It’s a little bit of a lie that arises from simplified truth. Like this stuff below:

Your digestive system is a conveyor belt with workers all along it; boxes get put on one end of the conveyor belt, and the contents of the boxes get taken off the conveyor belt by different workers looking for different things.

So, when a red box containing a plastic packet of screwdrivers is put on the belt, it goes past Frank The Tastebud who alerts the line to look lively as something’s coming; Ralph The Green Box Opener watches it go past – he doesn’t do red boxes, only green ones, but Jim The Red Box Chap opens the box, and the box carries on down the line until seen by Tony The Plastic Ripper, who rips open the bag enabling John The Tool Finder to take out the screwdrivers and put them in a crate next to the conveyor belt so that they can be used in other parts of the factory.

If, for some reason, Jim The Red Box Opener isn’t in work that day, you can send all the boxes of screwdrivers you want but there’ll still be a dearth of screwdrivers that day as they won’t get passed round the factory, because they haven’t been took out of their plastic bag because nobody opened the red boxes.

Ok, you don’t actually have a team of Umper Lumpers manning your digestive tract (though wouldn’t it be really cool if, after a diopsy, we looked under a microscope and saw a bunch of Umper Lumpers looking back up at us through a telescope?!) and all the above is a fantasy but by Optimus it makes explaining this subject a whole lot easier.

Things that kill off your digestive-factory workers:

Anti-bacteria products (I’m not saying live in a slum, I’m saying that not everything has to be sanitised; by spraying it around your house, some of it’s going to end up in your gut whether you like it or not, so go easy on it)

Processed food (well actually this one should be “cheap artificial preservatives”, which are commonly found in . . .)

Medicine (pretty much all kinds; the very stuff that makes a tablet a tablet is the same stuff that literally poisons bacteria in the gut)

Anti-Biotics (the #1 gut killer – if you can avoid anti-bios, and in fairness that’s about 99% of the time if we’re honest, your gut bacteria will thank you. I’m not saying anti-biotics are bad, I’m saying that they do their job very well – they just don’t distinguish between the bacteria you want to keep and which to get rid of. The decimation of gut flora from a single course of anti-bios will take around six months to replenish in a healthy individual)

Things that feed your factory workers:

Raw Vegetables (not potatoes or brassicas, they’re mildly poisonouos uncooked/unsoaked. A single brussel sprout, raw, once a year is about tops for the brassica family here)

Fermented Vegetables (saurkraut is my favourite. Fermented veg recipes to follow!)

Raw egg yolk (mix it with a bit of milk and it tastes like eggnog)

Unpasteurised Dairy (raw milk is good – read into the raw milk debate before deciding your opinion. Also, cheese, yoghurt, kefir)

Bone Broth (boil up that chicken carcass after the roast dinner)

Probiotics (I only recommend Bio-Kult – all the others on the market are weak, or their enzyme strains are found abundantly in the foods above)

Further Reading:

For further reading on this subject I can only recommend the GAPS Diet by Natasha Campbell-McBride.