Firstly, consider what a kettlebell can bring to an exercise; you can hold it by the ball, the “horns” of the handles, and the base. Here i’m using the ball for a single arm over-head press.

Notice that by putting a slight squat action into the preperation for the push . . .

. . . No Limits . . .

. . . and exploding upwards with the whole of the body, the whole exercise will have a huge core training value.

Have a try using kettlebells with exercises like the squat, the bent over row, the over-head pull, chest press, press-up . . .

Kettlebell Glute Swing

Major fat burner, big lower back strengthener, if you own a kettle then you have to know this exercise, it’s practically the law.

RULE ONE: Straight spine

RULE TWO: Shoulders back, arms strong

RULE 3: Thrust from the hips

Start by . . .

. . . grounding the feet properly; adopt a wide stance and lift the toes to get a good foot position.

Draw the kettlebell back between the thighs and fire the hips forward to start the swing. Keep the spine and shoulders strong when it swings back, and build momentum . . .

. . . until you are comfortably swinging the kettlebell to shoulder height. Have a browse of utube for Kettlebell Glute Swing to find plenty of examples.

Turkish Get-Ups

Long manouevre, but fun. Start as shown, then use both hands to position the kettlebell to the chest.

TGU Single Arm Press

With the kettle positioned to the chest/shoulder with both hands, bring the bell to full arms length with a powerful punching action.

TGU Ab Curl to Elbow

Keep the shoulder girdle strong – one side maintains the “punch” keeping the kettlebell aloft, while the other must be supporting against the ground; watch out for the shoulder “caving in”.

TGU Elbow to Hand

A wrist flexibility test sometimes, the ab curl muscles will work with the hip flexors to raise the body further but the hand of the supporting arm needs to stay where it was layed.

TGU 2points & Foot Slide

From the completed sit up, still with the kettlebell overhead, lift the whole of the body and the straight leg off the floor; now with two points of contact to the floor . . .

. . . slide the foot under and through to the rear . . .

TGU Transition to Kneeling

. . . to finish in an unstable lunge position. Strengthen the abdominals and core support as you lift the hand from the floor and . . .

TGU Leg Drive

. . . from this split stance, power both legs together to rise as if from a lunge . . .

Turkish Get Up

. . . and gather the feet to finish standing, kettlebell still extended fully overhead.