Anna Deegan, Supermum/Nurse

Anna enjoyed just 12 weeks on the Tribal Programme’s silver journey and dropped a whole heap of stubborn body fat. A busy mum of three (four if you include her husband) she needed simple dietary advice that would fit with family meals and a comprehensive programme to keep her metabolism anabolic and fat burning. A working mum, she wanted her pre-baby figure back but – and this is an understatement – didn’t have the time to hit the gym several times a week (sad face). Nevertheless, 29% bodyfat to 21.1% in twelve weeks. That’ll do…


Scott Livingstone, Actor/Dancer

Scott completed his Bronze journey over four months. Primarily, he came to me following an operation on his calf muscles and needed to regain mobility and strength in his lower limbs. We worked out a routine that would fit his insane training schedule, and with some specific exercises, mobility drills and nutritional guidance not only gained an extra 15 degrees range of motion in his ankles, but finished free of shoulder pain too. Oh, and nearly two stone lighter… so well done and thank you, Scott!

Tim Roberts, CEO
“Ollie helped me complete the Coast-to-Coast walk by combining careful assessment of my needs with tailored training programmes. He knows his stuff and is fun to work with.”

Lesley MacDonald, Finance/Telecomms Manager
“Ollie was my personal trainer for a number of months, but due to a change in my work circumstances this relationship had to end. Ollie was very knowledgeable, patient and always knew what was best for me. I really enjoyed our sessions, and would not hesitate to recommend Ollie to anyone. I would also use his services again if the opportunity arose.”

Kirsty Clark, Recruitment Consultant
“I first started training with Ollie in 2009. He is an excellent personal trainer, who provides varied training schedules tailored to the individual. Training with Ollie is never dull and you can always be sure that he will motivate and push you to achieve your best in each session. My training never ended in the gym. Ollie has provided me with a wealth of information from injury rehabilitation through to nutritional advice. His knowledge is exemplary and I believe that this, combined with the clear passion for his work and his genuine interest in people make him such a good trainer. Whether new to training or just looking for some guidance on technique, I am delighted to recommend Ollie as a personal trainer.”


Yvonne Last, PA, McLaren
“I have been training regularly with Ollie for just over two years now. His technique is always to motivate and inspire and his enthusiasm is infectious. Sessions are always varied and never dull.

Ollie has the ability to get the best out of people and the various things I have said “I can’t do” he has patiently worked with me to achieve. He is knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and training, from nutrition through to injury rehabilitation and works to tailor a programme that works for you.

Whether just staring out on the road to fitness, or improving your fitness levels for a specific goal, I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Ollie!”

Tony & Barbara Ford, IBM Laboratories
“Ollie is a great motivator. I am very pleased that we stumbled across him at the gym which we use in Guildford. Initially we retained Ollie to help us to get fit(ter) for a demanding scuba diving holiday, for which we wanted to develop our stamina and strength. We’re so impressed that we’ve now decided to carry on with him on a longer-term programme. Ollie brings a really fresh approach to each session. Not only does he produce a constantly evolving set of exercise routines, he’s now also entertaining his clients with regular informative e-mails (Olliegrams?) – even including tried & tested régime-friendly recipes!”

Maria Rigapoulou, IT
“I hired Ollie Logdon as a personal trainer a few times in 2009, while he was in LAfitness in Woking, Surrey. As I don’t particularly enjoy weight training I was looking for something different to build on my body strength and improve some previous injuries on back, right knee and arm. His holistic approach and ability to design a program, tailored-made to my exact needs with all the variety and diversity I was looking for really impressed me. I got good results and in a very good price too.”

Julie Burchell, Manager
“Ollie is a great Personal Trainer who makes the effort to tailor programmes personally for you and motivates you to achieve results. I found him very patient and helpful and have only stopped training with him for now due to financial constraints. I hope to resume training again. I would highly recommend him as even when I didn’t feel like going along to a session I felt so much better afterwards and was always glad I had gone. I liked the fact that he really pushed me and didn’t let me wimp out and is able to take you further than you thought you could go.” November 6, 2011

David Peacock, CEO
“I recently decided I needed a one-to-one session with Ollie following a relatively minor (though nevertheless painful) back injury. We duly met, and I explained about my back injury, what I wanted to achieve in the gym, and the two sports I am particularly keen on – tennis and golf. Ollie tested me on my flexibility in particular, and following our session immediately set to work devising a programme (which focused principally on strengthening my back) for me to follow unsupervised and at my leisure (just how I like it). My flexibility and mobility have already improved and this has even had a knock-on effect on my golf game; I hit the ball much farther and more consistently now. My session with Ollie was definitely good value for money, especially when compared with golf lessons!! Oh… and I nearly forgot to mention – my back is much stronger and practically pain-free now. Ollie is extremely knowledgeable and approachable, and a good listener as well. Most impressively, I receive regular e-mails from Ollie in which he discusses diet, anatomy, training and other fitness-related issues, in considerable depth. He’s very happy to pass on his experience and knowledge. I would be very pleased to recommend his services to others”.